Treatment options

Our approach looks at all the possible factors that could be affecting your sleep.

The first step on the journey back to better sleep is to gather the correct data, then use that data to create a personalized treatment plan, after which you will be supported every step of the way.

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Find out more about our approach and treatment options below.

The multidisciplinary approach

As a clinic we believe in a multidisciplinary approach, treating patients as a whole and not just their symptoms. Our goal is to address all possible causes of your sleep problem to achieve long-term relief from disturbed sleep.

While still providing effective medical treatments like CPAP, MAD, and corrective surgeries, we also approach sleep disorders from multiple angles.

The cause of a sleep disorder varies from person to person. It could be physical, mental, social, or environmental. With a dedicated, multidisciplinary team, all working together, Auckland Sleep gives you the best chance of a successful outcome.

Lifestyle changes

Aspects of your lifestyle are often the root cause of your sleep problems. Whether it is dietary changes, increased exercise, night-time rituals, or reducing stress, making positive changes to your lifestyle can drastically improve your sleep. Our team can help you make these changes and support you on your journey to better sleep.

Lifestyle changes are an effective treatment for:

  • Sleep apnoea
  • Insomnia
  • Snoring
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
  • Restless legs syndrome (RLS)

Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy

CPAP therapy uses a small device to apply positive air pressure. This pressure ensures the airway remain opens, allowing patients to breathe unimpeded. CPAP is a commonly used treatment for sleep apnoea. If used correctly, it can be the most effective treatment and is considered the gold standard. Sleep physicians manage CPAP treatment. The severity of Sleep Related Breathing Disorders is first assessed with a sleep study, following which your sleep physician will discuss the suitability of CPAP treatment with you.

CPAP is an effective treatment for:

  • Obstructive Sleep apnoea
  • Snoring in selected patients

Mandibular advancement (MAD) jaw splint

A MAD splint is a device, custom-made for each patient’s mouth, that helps to treat breathing disorders that are affecting sleep. The mouthguard is worn each night to prevent obstruction of the airway. Patients are selected for this treatment based on camera assessment of their airway.

MAD can be an effective treatment for:

  • Obstructive Sleep apnoea
  • Snoring

Positional therapy (PST)

PST is a form of conditioning therapy that works to keep the patient laying on their side during sleep. Positional therapy may involve wearing a special device around the neck to condition the patient to sleep on their side. Patients are selected for this treatment based on camera assessment of their airway and sleep study results.

PST can be an effective treatment for:

  • Obstructive Sleep apnoea
  • Snoring


Sometimes a physical issue such as deviated nasal septum, nose allergies, large tonsils or lingual tonsils is the cause of a sleep disorder. In these instances, surgery can be quite effective. These procedures work to correct problems occurring in the throat, jaw, mouth, or neck. In other instances, bariatric surgery for weight loss can be a useful option.

In selected patients, surgery can be an effective treatment for:

  • Obstructive Sleep apnoea
  • Snoring

If you are worried about your sleep problem, make an appointment to see our sleep specialist.

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Auckland Sleep provides a multi-faceted approach to treating sleep disorders. Our goal is to provide the best possible sleep treatments, accessible to everyone in the community.