We take a holistic approach

Having trouble sleeping is incredibly challenging. Sleep issues impact all aspects of your wellbeing, from work to relationships to physical health. Sufferers of prolonged sleep disruption can feel helpless, resigned to a lifetime of poor sleep.

If you are experiencing poor sleep, know you are not alone. You may have sought treatment before and been disheartened by lack of results. But the way we treat sleep disorders is changing.

Discovering exactly what is keeping you up at night is a process. To help you achieve an uninterrupted quality sleep, we use a holistic approach. Poor sleep is a result of many different factors and individual to each person. Addressing all these factors together gives you the best chance of an accurate diagnosis and treatment that will get you sleeping soundly, sooner.

Navigate to better sleep health

Patient navigation is a concept developed in response to the growing complexity of healthcare service delivery, aging population, increased complications and health inequities. Patient navigators facilitate increased access to care, improvements in health and wellness, increased patient satisfaction and improved self-efficacy, self-management and empowerment.

Auckland Sleep provides personalised navigation to patients with sleep related disorders. We build a comprehensive and holistic picture by screening for various sleep and health related problems and develop a recommended treatment path for further prescribed diagnostics and management.

The multidisciplinary approach

Along with effective medical treatments like CPAP, MAD, and corrective surgeries, we also approach sleep disorders from multiple angles.

The cause of sleep disruption varies from person to person and is almost invariably multi-factorial. It could be physical, mental, social, or environmental. With a dedicated, multi-disciplinary team, all working together, Auckland Sleep gives you the best chance of a full recovery.

Our team of experts includes:

  • Sleep physicians
  • Ear, nose, and throat specialists
  • Dentists
  • Bariatric specialists
  • Psychotherapists
  • Dietitians
  • Sleep coaches

With a collective of experts, you get a faster, more accurate diagnosis and an effective treatment plan. Our team meets regularly, sharing information to ensure each patient receive the best treatment, tailored to them. This creates effective checks and balances and fosters better outcomes for our patients through robust, peer-reviewed recommendations.

Learn about our team

Te whare tapa whā – The four pillars of wellbeing affect how we sleep

Te whare tapa whā is a Maori model of health. Te whare tapa whā models health and wellbeing on four key elements. Physical (taha tinana), mental (taha hinengaro), family (taha whānau), and spiritual (taha wairua). Maori believe that all the four pillars are intertwined and affect one another.

The four concepts are often likened to the four walls of a whare (a house or building). Each wall represents a different aspect of our wellbeing, and all need to be satisfied to hold up the roof of the whare. This concept holds true for how we sleep.

Our physical bodies, mental wellbeing, sense of community, and connection to the world all need to be satisfied to achieve consistent, restful sleep.

Te whare tapa whā drives how Auckland Sleep treats sleep disorders. In conjunction with offering clinical treatments, we work closely with patients to develop all four pillars of wellbeing to provide a strong platform for a good night’s sleep.

Sleep treatment packages that manage costs

By having a large team of experts from different fields working together, at Auckland Sleep, we can advise at the early stages of screening exactly which clinicians you need to see (and in what order). This helps reduce the costly problem, plagued by many who seek help for their sleep disorders, of bouncing around different clinicians with no treatment continuity.

The philosophy of the sleep centre is to reduce and standardise the costs associated with the management of sleep-related problems. Holistic treatment and patient-centred decision-making is the key to an early diagnosis and an effective treatment plan.

If you are worried about your sleep problem, make an appointment to see our sleep specialist.

If you want to learn how your sleep problem is affecting you and what treatments can help, take our sleep test.

Auckland Sleep provides a multi-faceted approach to treating sleep disorders. Our goal is to provide the best possible sleep treatments, accessible to everyone in the community.