Primary Care Satellite Hubs

Sleep healthcare is best accessed by your patients in the familiar setting of your primary care practice rather than in specialist clinics, Auckland Sleep included! But this should not result in increased workload for primary care practitioners. Auckland Sleep are establishing satellite sleep hubs in primary care practices. The hubs are run under our oversight with no input required from primary care clinicians.

The outreach program allows cheaper, wider and quicker access to quality sleep healthcare to patients in the community without waiting for months to years in the public system or paying for expensive services in private.

The Sleep Navigation package consists of:

an online sleep health assessment form
a home-based screening sleep study
a multi-disciplinary review of the above
A Sleep Navigation Action Plan provided to your patient and you. This plan can be the basis of further management in public or private, at Auckland Sleep or another clinic.

Key benefits:

● Our outreach program is designed to complement the services your practice already provides by offering your patients a streamlined and efficient pathway to receive quality sleep healthcare. This will improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

● Our online sleep health assessment and home-based screening sleep study have been developed and validated by sleep specialists, ensuring that your patients and you receive accurate and reliable results.

● Our one-of-its-kind MDT specialist review of your patient’s results provides a broadbased and personalised action plan, giving your patients a two and a half times higher chance of satisfactory improvement of their sleep health.

● Our outreach program is fully supported and overseen by the experienced multi-disciplinary specialist team at Auckland Sleep. This means that your practice does not need to provide any clinician input, allowing you to focus on other areas of patient care.

Our team at Auckland Sleep is committed to providing ongoing support and training to ensure that your practice and patients have a positive experience with our outreach program. Please join us at the virtual meetup where you will have the opportunity to learn more about our outreach satellite sleep hub program and ask any questions you may have. We would be happy to discuss how our program can benefit your practice and your patients.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more about this exciting project and how we can set this up in your practice.

If you are worried about your sleep problem, make an appointment to see our sleep specialist.

If you want to learn how your sleep problem is affecting you and what treatments can help, take our sleep test.

Auckland Sleep provides a multi-faceted approach to treating sleep disorders. Our goal is to provide the best possible sleep treatments, accessible to everyone in the community.