Making an appointment

The first step to rediscover a good night’s sleep is to seek help and advice for your sleep problems. To begin their journey to better sleep patients can be referred by a GP or book an appointment directly.

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The pathway for patients is outlined below.

Gathering Data

The first thing we need to do is ask a few questions to gather the right information about any sleep issues. We can ask these questions over the phone, or they can be answered through our Sleep Questionnaire.

The aim of this step is to ensure you see the right person for your condition meaning you can start your journey to better sleep quickly and effectively, backed up by our ongoing support every step of the way.
Sleep Questionnaire

Initial consultation

Once we have the completed questionnaire we will arrange an appointment time for you to come and meet with the correct specialist. This consultation will usually involve a sleep evaluation but may also involve further tests and/or scans to provide a more accurate understanding of any issues.

You are always welcome to bring someone with you to any appointments.

Treatment plan

After the initial consult is done, Auckland Sleep will then create a personalized treatment plan. As part of this plan you will have access to the entire team of Auckland Sleep experts, as well as having a single point of contact to coordinate your care between specialists.

To learn about some of our treatments please read here:

Ongoing support

You are not alone. Auckland Sleep will support you through every step of your sleep journey.

We will check in at regular intervals to see if there’s anything more we can be doing and how you are progressing with your sleep journey.

We do not give up on our patients.

If you are worried about your sleep problem, make an appointment to see our sleep specialist.

If you want to learn how your sleep problem is affecting you and what treatments can help, take our sleep test.

Auckland Sleep provides a multi-faceted approach to treating sleep disorders. Our goal is to provide the best possible sleep treatments, accessible to everyone in the community.