The health benefits of sleep

When allowed a healthy sleep cycle, we rejuvenate and can operate at our optimal level. The benefits of a good night’s sleep are endless, but listed below are some key health benefits.

  • Better productivity and concentration
    When we get consistent sleep, our focus improves. We can approach decisions more efficiently, assessing situations well and making better choices. An adult makes an estimated 35,000 decisions every day. A good night’s sleep allows for greater logical reasoning and complex problem-solving.
  • Lower risk of weight gain
    A healthy sleep schedule keeps hormones balanced. Hormones that regulate appetite have been shown to decrease after periods of sleep restriction. This can lead to the consumption of more calories throughout the day.
  • Greater physical performance
    The body heals while we sleep. For high-level athletes, sleep is widely recognised as being of equal importance as diet and physical training. A good night’s sleep allows for higher-intensity physical performance, greater energy levels, and better coordination and speed.
  • Decreased risk of heart disease
    A major cause of heart disease is high blood pressure. A good night’s sleep allows our body to regulate blood pressure effectively. Regardless of age, weight, or lifestyle, getting quality sleep will lower your risk of heart disease and cardiovascular disease.
  • Stronger immune system
    Studies have revealed that people who do not get adequate sleep are at greater risk of falling ill. While you sleep, your body releases proteins called cytokines. These help to fight infection and inflammation. Lack of sleep also affects how fast you recover from an illness.
  • Better mental health and wellbeing
    Sleep has a strong connection to your psychological state. We are all familiar with the irritability we feel after a poor night’s sleep. Poor sleep can lead to changes in mental health, and existing mental conditions (such as stress) can worsen.
  • Greater emotional intelligence
    Sleep helps you manage your emotions. Sleep can affect your emotional self-control, empathy, and adaptability. During REM sleep, the emotional structures of your brain are activated. These re-process stressful and intellectually challenging memories in a safer, low-stress environment. This helps you to better manage emotionally demanding scenarios in everyday life.

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