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Sleep deprivation has been a pandemic before “pandemic” became a daily buzzword for us. In majority of cases, the clinical picture is complex with layers of causes and effects and coping mechanisms. Each individual requires considerable attention to unpack and manage all the sleep health disruptors.

This is particularly difficult in times of increasingly scarce healthcare resources. Sleep healthcare is becoming particularly difficult to deliver both in primary and secondary healthcare settings. Funding is poor and waiting times are long.

Auckland Sleep was born out of the unmet need of comprehensive, multi-specialty sleep healthcare to our patients. We aim to deliver better care more quickly.

If you have a patient with sleep issues, please fill out our clinicial referral form here. We will then contact your patient directly for additional information to allow us to plan their journey with us.

Auckland Sleep services include:

  • Upper airway assessment by ENT
  • Sleep physician review
  • Fortnightly multi-disciplinary clinics run by ENT, Sleep physician, Sleep physiologist and Insomnia Therapist
  • Level 2, 3 and 4 sleep studies at home
  • CPAP trials and sales
  • Custom-made mandibular advancement devices
  • Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia
  • Sleep Navigation and Coaching for support and maintenance
Clinician Referral Form

If you are worried about your sleep problem, make an appointment to see our sleep specialist.

If you want to learn how your sleep problem is affecting you and what treatments can help, take our sleep test.

Auckland Sleep provides a multi-faceted approach to treating sleep disorders. Our goal is to provide the best possible sleep treatments, accessible to everyone in the community.